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Julien Powell & Levi Fowler
Fowler & Powell, Chapel Allerton, Leeds, UK

Super fun, 100% worth the investment

"Our understanding of branding was zero to none before this process, and letting the reins go was probably the main anxiety. But after the first three years of just starting the business and being super zoned-in on getting the best results for clients, we started to really realise that the brand doesn't look and sound like us.

The most exciting part was the very first deep dive. We thought it might be a bit boring because we hate talking about what we’ve done, our process and all that sort of stuff. We’ve spent years doing that. But they made it super fun to talk about what we do and why we do it.

Marcus and Ashley have a knack of being able to really find out about who you are as a person, and as a business owner. They’re making all these notes, linking things together. It gives you so much clarity on what you stand for and how you should look and feel across the board.

They were amazing because of the educational part. We now know that a brand is not just the look, but it can have a brand voice, and you can’t even begin to comprehend how many different pieces of the puzzle come together.

Now you walk outside and see “Fowler and Powell”, but you walk in, you meet the team, you meet us — it’s all cohesive. And that’s what we now know about branding. When we first started going through the rebranding, a lot of people were saying: “You look fine as you are. Why are you bothering doing it?”.

But since we've gone back to those people, they love the new brand and completely understand why we've done it. They can see that this is a lot more welcoming and warming in terms of how we look and how we feel.

For anybody who's thinking about going through the same process now — they're a bit lost in terms of their own company and their branding — it is 100% worth the investment. They will get clarity on how they should sound, how they should look, and how they should feel for every single client that walks through the door. They'll know exactly who their clients are and can tailor to them and only them."

Jennifer Tarjanyi
Fisterra Co, Brighton, UK

Easy and fun to work with

"Cut through the confusion and created a brand identity and beautiful website that looks slick and professional whilst keeping the essence and personality. So easy and fun to work with, the process is smooth and enjoyable. Cannot recommend enough!"

Kandoo Events, Sheffield, UK

A rare portfolio of skills

“Marcus has a rare portfolio of skills. Not only is he very adept with the technicalities and inner workings of building a full turn key website, he also has the creative eye, and top design skills to bring everything together into one functional and aesthetically top notch result. I've certainly never encountered anyone who can do both to a high level until now.

He did an exceptional job on a full website refresh for our events company. He's taken an outdated website and brought it firmly into the 21st century with clean, modern, simple design that's fully optimised for mobile and all other devices, which is such a key part of our UX.

Marcus is also relaxed, easy going, yet highly professional, taking great pride in the work he delivers. If you are looking for a website refresh where you are guided through the process from an expert who knows what looks best, but also puts great emphasis on the technical aspects to create the best possible user experience then you're in very safe hands with Marcus."

Chelsea Love
Sukhos, Mississippi, USA

Far and beyond my expectations

"Before I asked for help my brand was only fragments in my head but he found a way to piece them together. He listened to me... and he went far and beyond my expectations."

James Mifsud
Atlas Technologies, Queensland, Australia

A rewarding experience

“Marcus was able to bring our brand to life — through his guidance we were able to express our company's vision and aspirations. Working with them was a rewarding experience as they were able to quickly grasp new concepts and ideas, collate them together, and provide the brand that has formed the basis of our company.”

Simon Rudd
Shy Bairnz, Newcastle, UK

Exceptional, long-lasting brand identity

“I have to say it has been a wonderful process working with Marcus who really does try to get to know, not just you as a person, but your motivation behind the project so that he maximises the impact he can deliver.

Marcus is a great communicator, using his knowledge and expertise to deliver exceptional pieces of work. I would highly recommend him to anyone who needs help creating a beautiful, functional and long lasting brand identity. I look forward to working with Marcus and having him in my corner as I begin my journey into the unknown.”

Matthew Norman
Redemption, Bali, Indonesia

Absolutely fantastic

“Marcus did an absolutely fantastic job with my project. His design skills are fantastic. He was very patient with me, he took the time to learn about my brand so that he was able to set me up with new branding and a new logo that will be successful. Highly recommend.”

Kieran McMonagle
FjordFlow, Plymouth, UK

Really felt in safe hands

"Marcus and Ashley were great to work with. Communication was excellent from start to finish and we really felt we were in safe hands throughout the brand design process. Thanks guys!"

Tori McAlinden, who previously worked for Wadsworth Branding
Tori McAlinden
Team member 2022-2023

Warmth and love for what they do spreads to clients and colleagues alike.

"I worked as a freelancer with Marcus and Ashley on a couple projects - and they were by far among my favourite projects to work on.

These guys know design.

And not only do they produce amazing work, but they're also phenomenal to work with. I think as a freelancer, there's some really crucial and formative points in your career where you can end up working with people that change your perspective and inspire you to be better.

Wadsworth Branding is something special, there's a warmth and love for what they do, and it spreads into how they work with people - Clients and colleagues alike. Keep smashing it guys, I'm always excited to see what you do next!"

Charlie Black, director of Oppo Consulting, previous client of Wadsworth Branding
Charlie Black
Oppo Consulting,
London, UK

Helped me to clearly articulate my brand's values, goals and unique selling points

"Wadsworth Branding are absolute masters at what they do! I approached Marcus to help me to create a brand for my own business after seeing what a beautiful job had been done with for an organisation that I had been working with.

I had not long started my own business and Wadsworth Branding helped me to clearly articulate my brand's values, goals and unique selling points. Wadsworth took them time to really get to know me through collaboration sessions and were able to refine and translate my thoughts into a meaningful and cohesive visual identity that is not only authentic to me but resonates with my target market.

Wadsworth Branding skillfully combines design, storytelling and strategic thinking. Wadsworth are excellent communicators, they were always available to answer my questions and provided regular updates on progress.

I could not recommend Wadsworth Branding more. Thank you Wadsworth Branding for helping me to create a brand that I am proud of...I am looking forward to working with you again in the future."

Anna Herber
Insight Copywriting,
Sheffield, UK

Gives you that WOW moment

"The best designers I've ever worked with PERIOD. And as a copywriter, I've worked with a few!

Marcus' empathic communication, highly developed design skills, and truly exquisite eye combine to make Wadsworth Branding one of the best routes I can think of to get a quality, timeless brand designed. Along with his partner Ashley, you just feel completely helped and reassured in the entire process of building a brand.

I've collaborated with Marcus on sizeable projects after recommending him to my clients, and been blown away by what he and his team brought to the project. When it came to investing in my own new brand — it wasn't a hard choice to make.

I'm nothing short of thrilled by how accurately my dream and unique position feels represented. If you want to spend your design budget in the right place, and work with someone who will listen and create something that gives you (and your customers) that WOW moment — Wadsworth Branding is the correct choice."

Mellisa Benson, founder of Just Like Joan
Mellisa Benson
Just Like Joan, Arizona, USA

A huge gift

“I am so impressed with Marcus and the work Wadsworth Branding did for me! So incredibly pleased; I can't say enough. I feel like I've been given a huge gift finding and getting to work with them. Their years of experience in brand development were very evident throughout the entire process, and the attention to, and care for, my brand was so over-and-above.”

Derek Baxter, founder of Off Kilter
Derek Baxter
Off Kilter Theatre, Florida, USA

Masterful final product

“This was a great experience from moment one! We targeted the brand and worked together for a masterful final product. They understand where I am coming from and truly support my business and vision. The process is so smooth and easy, I highly recommend, and I'm excited to continue my relationship with them in the future.”

Majid Sayani, founder of Red Hearing
Majid Sayani
Red Hearing, London, UK

Made it come alive!

"Their experience and positive outlook will have you at ease from the get go. I honestly cannot praise Wadsworth Branding highly enough! They not only designed my brand but gave it a voice, direction and made it come alive! Marcus has incredible vision, a collaborative approach and a keen eye for detail. He will take the time to really understand your industry and keep the project on track.”

Candice Morgan
K&B, Missouri, USA

Amazingly knowledgable

“Marcus is FANTASTIC to work with! He is amazingly knowledgeable and an all around great person. If he wasn't located in the UK I would try to employ him myself!”

Joel Penn
JP Media, Wigan, UK

A delight to work with

“Wadsworth Branding were a delight to work with. Marcus was thoroughly professional and helped us both understand my business better. He has a keen eye for design and I knew from the moment I met him that I was in a safe pair of hands!”

Beth, founder of Goldcrest Designs
Goldcrest Designs, Leeds, UK

A complete tranformation

“Our business was growing in Leeds and we realised we needed to target a slightly different demographic. Wadsworth Branding were amazing at helping us figure out who to target and how to get that message across. The brand look they created was absolutely beautiful and a complete transformation. We’ve had really positive results since working with them, and we’d highly recommend!”

Merrick Allard
Merrick Martins, Essex, UK

Helps brands discover their potential

“It was a real pleasure to work with Marcus. He communicates well to gain a deeper understanding of the business you are trying to build. He asked questions about my past as well as where I want to go, in doing this he has made something that I am not going to grow out of but still reflects how my business started. Not only is Marcus an excellent designer but he is also a really nice person looking to help brands discover their potential.”

Rhys Davies
Fosche, Swansea, Wales, UK

Lost for words

“There are so many positives when working with Marcus, I don't know where to start. Marcus is a professional man who is easy to talk to and intelligent. He has contributed some really crucial points that will benefit my business. His logo design skills got me lost for words - everything he suggests makes sense and has a meaning behind it. I fully recommend Marcus, it's been a great experience from start to end.”

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