The Needs.

Chelsea spoke to us over Zoom from America with one clear goal: to create a brand of high calibre handmade fashion items that could be worn with pride as quality casual and alternative business wear.

The Exploration.

Through our Brand Strategy, it became clear Chelsea was passionate about 3 things: designing with the African-American community in mind, sustainability, and the freedom for self-expression through fashion.

This gave us the opportunity to direct her brand away from the sharp, metallic, serious style of many of her competitors, and into something that felt warm, free and expressive, with a very subtle exploration of both African and modern American patterns and colours.

The Solution.

The brand incorporates sustainabilty, freedom and warmth through earthy colours, handwritten typography, and bold graphical elements. The brand voice and marketing strategy are built on optimism, inclusivity, and freedom of expression.

We made the brand identity uniquely hers by hiding her initials in the logo, blending in an unusual purple colour, which held a lot of meaning for her, and incorporating magnolia leaves - the state flower of her home, Mississipi.


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