Red Hearing

The Needs.

Majid had a fascinating background, having worked as a senior audiologist in the NHS with methods and results that were unmatched in the industry. He wanted to now take this experience to the private sector with his own company, but the goals and direction for Red Hearing were still quite scattered and unrefined. He wanted a caring, warm feeling to the brand, but wasn’t sure how to proceed.

The Exploration.

The research made one thing very clear - private audiology draws people who have the money to spend on it. Anyone else would go for the high street audiologists without a question.

Another very clear message from market research was that a whole section of working professionals in their 50’s to early 70’s felt put off by the feeling they get from big name audiologists - as if it meant they were 'getting old', and needed to be cared for. So we discussed with Majid that this group of people presented an excellent gap in the market, but treating them as if they needed to be 'cared for' would not be a good way to attract them to the Red Hearing brand. We needed a different approach.

The Solution.

Glasses were once a sign of getting old, but through the right marketing they’ve become accepted, even “cool”, and a sign of wisdom. We wanted to give this treatment to hearing aids and hearing care.

We made the “Red” in “Red Hearing” a bold colour statement, almost as it would be on a sports car. The colour red is used confidently and widely across the brand, complemented by a soft, dark grey / black tone, and very little else. The typography is clean, modern and makes an impact.

Older clients depicted in the photos are successful, well-dressed, and at the top of their game. The audiologists are friendly, capable and confident. The images of clients are in full colour and, where appropriate, the images of the audiologists are in black-and-white. This gives the subtle message of “It’s not about us - it’s about you. We’re focused on getting it right for you.”

The brand voice is razor-sharp, laid-back at times, and uses respectful yet empowering messaging such as “Take back control of your hearing”.


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