Off Kilter

The Needs.

Derek connected up with us over Zoom from Florida. As a seasoned actor, he often found it frustrating that theatre local to him rarely explored the more bold, neon and experimental side of the arts. So he decided to take matters into his own hands, creating his own “off kilter” theatre company, and came to us to help him strategise and bring the brand to life.

The Exploration.

We found that theatre companies in Florida already had a very artsy, evocative look to their marketing, even when their shows were fairly mainstream. So, in order to attract the right crowd, we needed to find a way to properly communicate what Off Kilter was all about and to portray their more experimental side.

We also found that, despite these unusual images, theatre companies tended to lean towards darker colours and serif fonts for their branding, in order to keep a traditional “theatre” feel. Our Brand Strategy with Derek showed he was not afraid to go against the grain, to add a good amount of his own personality into the branding, and to move away from a typical “theatre” feeling into one that felt more like a slightly weird, striking and confrontational experience. By embracing this, the initial ideas and mood boards we started work on resonated extremely well in the market research stage.

The Solution.

The final Brand Identity for Off Kilter is punctuated by aggressively-saturated colours (with softer alternatives for print). Big, striking questions and statements on posters and social media campaigns immediately grab attention and get people thinking.

The brand imagery is not afraid to make some people uncomfortable, and to push some people away, as those people would not enjoy the productions by Off Kilter anyway. We found that those who had been searching for more unusual theatre experiences were immediately drawn in and convinced by this daring look and voice.

To emphasise the “off kilter” nature of the brand, both the logo and other brand designs such as posters etc. have a 10° tilt applied, which is not only a recognisable, repeatable brand feature, but it stands out hugely when placed alongside posters from other theatre companies. Despite the tilt, vertical lines are cut into the logo and elements on posters etc. in order to provide a visual “anchor”.


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