Goldcrest Designs

The Needs.

Beth had built a successful Etsy store selling hand-stamped jewellery. However, while her brand look was the kind of soft and floral feel that was very common on Etsy at the time, she found that she was getting increasingly higher-paying clients, and more sophisticated orders such as bulk orders for groomsmen etc. She finally reached a point where it was time to expand the company, and to build a brand that was more targeted, and had more personality.

The Exploration.

During the strategy stage, it was clear we needed to make quite a significant departure from the original look of Goldcrest Designs. As their audience and their best-selling products were evolving, it was decided that a focus on elegance, exclusivity and luxury was needed. It was also clear that a little bit of fun, positivity and personality would serve the brand well, while still maintaining a tone of sophistication.

The Solution.

We took the feeling of traditional Victorian styling and blended this with a natural yet modern character. Heavy, luxurious colours are mixed with bursts of foliage, gold-sprayed branches, warm wooden textures and traditional illustrations filled with personality.

While the logo is much more complicated than we would usually design, this 'family shield' styling fit perfectly with the elegance and goals of the brand. However, due to the digital needs of a modern business, we designed 'collapsing' variations of the logo that can be used in smaller and smaller settings while retaining the features and character of the original logo.

Despite the rich nature of the brand image, the brand voice and social media tone is kept personal, open and fun. We found this balance works extremely well, making Goldcrest Designs feel like a celebratory brand that respects the joy, the beauty (and the seriousness) of the life moments people buy their products to commemorate.


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