The Needs.

As a 19-year-old himself, Rhys had worked hard to build the resources and assets to start a company reselling teenage fashion items, with plans for his own 'limited run' clothing line in time. He came to us for help in both bringing his brand to life and discovering ways to give it a competitive edge.

The Exploration.

During our Brand Strategy we managed to dig deep, and discover that Rhys cared deeply about 3 things: mental health in the young; using fashion as a means of self-expression rather than just to conform, and maximising sustainability.

This presented us with a real, actionable gap in the market. His closest competitors among resellers and small fashion lines focused very much on the 'cool', 'showing off' side of fashion, with quite pushy, hard-sell communications and under-utilised, anonymous social media profiles dedicated only to shots of products.

The Solution.

It became clear that having Rhys as the visible, young, approachable face of Fosche would be a really wise strategy. We combined this with warm, humble, calming communications, encouraging confidence, self-expression and friendship. The photography and visuals show how great the products are, but in a way that is personal and exciting rather than being pressuring or manipulative.

We found the thing that gives Fosche a unique edge is their focus on community and mental health. Sharp blacks and golds are replaced with natural greens, calming copper tones, and sustainable packaging. Instead of “Grab this season’s line now!” the message behind the brand voice is “It’s not about them - fashion should make YOU happy first.”

This stand-out strategy proved really attractive during the market research phase, and is looking to bring Fosche more loyal, long-term customers who feel a connection to the brand itself.


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