Atlas Technologies

The Needs.

James and Paul spoke to us over Zoom from Australia. They were looking to combine James’ extensive expertise in industrial tech with Paul’s mastery of IT and software to create Atlas Technologies - a company that can come in and work with large Australian businesses as a trusted partner, looking after every aspect of their expansive tech needs.

The Exploration.

Through our Brand Strategy and research, it became clear that the brand needed to look and speak in a way that was contemporary and warm. But it was also vital for it to be instantly recognisable and trusted by the managers of busy corporations - to be new and innovative, but still experienced and “solid”.

Research also revealed that Australian tech companies as a whole seemed to be stuck in the 90’s, with outdated, vague tech stock images and professional but somewhat clinical communications. It also became clear that while many of the big names looked solid, they could often be disorganised and unreliable.

The Solution.

To draw on the strengths that James and Paul have compared to their competitors, we discussed the need for highly-organised systems and record keeping - to have everything in Atlas’ operations connected and easy to locate so they are dependable, reliable and ahead of the game.

While keeping within a blue colour theme designed to be familiar to decision-makers in this industry, we introduced a bright turquoise and a warm yellow as highlight colours to bring a modern, human feel that stood out just enough from the crowd. The brand photography and voice focused on the people using the tech, and the benefits they would receive. This makes the brand inviting, convincing and grounded, instead of mimicking 'futuristic' styles that now feel outdated, because people’s relationship with tech and the internet has changed dramatically.


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