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We’re changing the game - bringing the methods and impact of a big branding agency to small and medium enterprises. If you are growing your business, you may be new to a process as comprehensive as ours - or perhaps you believed it was well out of your budget. We’re here to change that story.

Where Are You?

We’ve found our 'Zoom groove' through the pandemic, so we're now able to arrange any of our meetings or services wherever works best for you - at your office, over a drink or two at the local coffee shop, or just as easily over video call.

We’re removing barriers, so you can get the branding your business deserves - no matter where you are on the planet.

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We Start With

Brand Strategy…

Every project we take on begins with brand strategy. Your brand needs to be pinpoint accurate, hold its own for years to come, and achieve wonderful things. So we never jump headfirst into designing, and we never trust a simple questionnaire to draw out the needs of your business.


We begin with a relaxed, comprehensive, deep-dive workshop where we dig into your industry, your story and personality, your needs, goals, aspirations, and challenges.

We begin identifying your ideal customers, the things that make you different and give you an edge, and how to position and communicate these unique things throughout your brand.


Having broken ground, we start market research and analysis of your competitors, your target audience and your industry.

Our goal here is to find gaps and opportunities in the market; problems your customers have that need solving; the way they want to be communicated with, and the perfect place for your brand to make its mark.


This is where beautiful things start to happen! We pull together all the findings from our workshop and research, and start to refine a clear, targeted strategy for your brand to succeed.

By this point, we will be confident about what unique qualities can make you stand apart, who your 'tribe' is going to be, and what gap in the market they occupy. We will also have a clear understanding of the most effective look, personality and marketing strategy for your brand.

…Then We Design Your

Brand Identity…

Once we’ve achieved clarity through the brand strategy process, we begin to interpret our findings into the thing we love the most - great design! The goal here is to establish a brand that stands outside of the noise, leading to clarity, better-quality sales, and an experience that encourages customer loyalty.


To help you visualise your brand as it comes to life, and ensure we’re on the same page at each step, mood boards and style boards are created.

These give a solid overview of the direction we’re going in, giving an opportunity to refine and clarify before jumping into the main design work.

Visual Identity.

Now to create the face of your brand!

Timeless, versatile logo design. Dynamic brand colour palettes and colour rules. Brand fonts and typography. Photography direction and inspiration. Bespoke graphical elements and brand patterns to build out your visual identity.

Voice & Personality.

A number of pages in your Brand Guidelines Book will be dedicated to the voice and personality of your brand. Here we look at your brand positioning and mission statement. Your tagline and trueline. Your social media strategy. Your brand voice (both online and offline). This is designed to magnetise your target customers, and get them to fall in love with what you’re offering.


Get You Going!

Now that you have brand confidence, know exactly how your brand is going to look, and how to communicate with your 'tribe', we can continue our collaboration in a number of practical ways - by bringing our partners on board to get your new brand out into the world:

Effective, brand-appropriate web design (with options for ongoing SEO support)

Powerful video marketing assets that build trust and create brand awareness

Copywriting, social media and digital marketing that speaks the emotional language of your audience

Graphic Design assets, such as business cards, leaflets, forms, letterheads, packaging design etc.

Our Rates

Brand Strategy & Brand Identity.
(New brand or rebrand)

Giving you the full Wadsworth Branding firepower.
Project Duration: 3-4 weeks.

  • From £4000 (e.g. start-ups and new brands)
  • to £7000+ for larger, more-established companies

Brand Strategy Alone.

For those who don't need a new visual identity, but want crystal-clear clarity regarding their business mission, their gap in the market, the audience they should be targeting, their strategy, and their voice and communication.
Project Duration: 10 working days.

  • From £2500 (e.g. start-ups and new brands)
  • to £4500+ for larger, more-established companies

Logo & Logo Guidelines.

For those who already have a strategy and identity but are looking to redesign and transform their logo into something that will stand the test of time.
Full logo guidelines included.
Project Duration: 10 working days.

  • From £1500 (e.g. start-ups and new brands)
  • to £3500+ for larger, more-established companies

Bespoke Web Design.

No templates. No clutter. Clean, brand-appropriate Webflow-built sites with a strong focus on page speed, SEO, and user experience.
(Ongoing SEO and support packages available).

  • £4500-9500+ Request a quote

Video Business Card.

Strategic video marketing assets to build brand awareness, capture the heart and soul of your brand, and communicate with your target audience in a way that engages and converts.

  • £3200+ Request a quote

For all other services, please:

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What They Say

After Working With Us.

"I am so impressed with Marcus and the work Wadsworth Branding did for me! So incredibly pleased; I can't say enough. I feel like I've been given a huge gift finding and getting to work with them. Marcus’ years of experience in graphic design and brand development were very evident throughout the entire process, and his attention to, and care for, my brand was so over-and-above."

Melissa Benson, Just Like Joan
Arizona, USA

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“We genuinely can't stop the phone ringing since using Wadsworth Branding to boost our online presence. Lots of business coming on, just wondering how to manage it all! Quality, branding, logo and website work for our London based company.”

Gina Thompson, Horizon
London, UK

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“This was a great experience from moment one! We targeted the brand and product and we worked together for a masterful final product. They understand where I am coming from and honestly support my business and vision. The process is so smooth and easy, I highly recommend… and excited to continue my relationship with them in the future.”

Derek Baxter, Off Kilter Theatre
Florida, USA

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“If you are looking for a professional design agency, stop your search! You have found them! Marcus' experience and positive outlook will have you at ease from the get go… He not only designed my brand but gave it a voice, direction and made it come alive! Marcus has incredible vision, a collaborative approach and a keen eye for detail. Thank you Wadsworth Branding!”

Majid Sayani, Red Hearing
London, UK

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See More Testimonials!