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Sukhos, Mississippi, USA
Brand Strategy and Brand Identity

Made in Mississippi, baby!

Showing a client their new printed material at the end of a branding processTwo brand strategists in a brand strategy meeting with a client. The man writes notes while the woman asks the client questions
Sukhos logo, designed by Wadsworth Branding

Getting to the heart of the issue

When Chelsea reached out to us online from across the pond, she had a clear dream.

Her dream was to build a real brand around her and her team's handcrafted fashion items that embodied both quality and personality, sustainability and versatility.

But in an industry saturated with quite self-serious, metallic, elitist design, Chelsea was struggling to discover her company's unique identity, position and direction in this world. She wanted to create something that felt true to her, while also attracting the kind of positive, aspirational people who would fall in love with her vision and products.

Two brand strategists work a client's brand. One tries different logo concepts on grid paper while the other researches on a macbook

Together, we found a distinct brand position:

Do it for you.

The strategy

From a place of indecision, we soon started to draw out the things closest to her heart.

Through the brand strategy process, we discovered Chelsea's passion for designing with the African-American community in mind, promoting sustainability, and expressing oneself through fashion.

We took this as an opportunity to steer her brand in a different direction, away from the harsh and competitive aesthetic of her competitors, and towards something warm, expressive, and imbued with a subtle blend of African and modern American patterns and colours. This resulted in a unique brand identity that truly reflected Chelsea's values and has gone on to resonate with her target audience.

Packaging with the Sukhos logo and illustrations printed all over
Two posters designed by Wadsworth Branding for Sukhos
A display of the illustrations created for Sukhos by Wadsworth Branding

The design

Why so serious?

By incorporating handwritten typography, earthy colours, and bold graphics, we were able to communicate the values of optimism, inclusivity, and freedom of expression. But we didn't stop there - we took it a step further by adding in personal touches such as Chelsea's initials (CL) hidden within the logo, an unusual purple color that held special meaning, and even the state flower of her home in Mississippi dotted across the graphics. The result was a brand identity that was uniquely hers, but also impactful and instantly recognisable in the market.

A young African-American woman wearing a tote bag with the Sukhos tagline printed with illustrations
A shop sign in Mississippi with the Sukhos logo and illustrations
Sukhos brand book on a table, surrounded by a tote bag, leaflets and clothing tags designed by Wadsworth Branding

"Before I asked for help my brand was only fragments in my head but he found a way to piece them together. He listened to me... and he went far and beyond my expectations."

Chelsea Love
Sukhos, Mississippi, USA

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