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Red Hearing, London, UK
Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Photography and Website

A sound investment

Someone holding an iPhone showing the products page on the Red Hearing websiteAn private audiology client talking with Majid Sayani
Red Hearing logo, designed by Wadsworth Branding

Getting to the heart of the issue

When Majid came to us, he had a fascinating background.

He'd worked as a Senior Specialist Audiologist in the NHS for around a decade, with methods and results that were unmatched in the industry. He had a burning desire to take this experience to the private sector with his own company (which he had named ‘Red Hearing’), but his goals and direction for this new company were still quite scattered and unrefined. He was fairly sure that he wanted a caring, warm feeling to the brand, but wasn’t sure if this was the best approach.

A brand designer using a grid and reference images to create a logo concept for Red Hearing

Together, we found a distinct brand position:

Take back control of your hearing.

The strategy

Our market research showed that private audiology certainly attracted people with the income to afford it.

Anyone else would go straight to the most recognisable high street audiologist without question. Another very clear message from market research was that a whole section of working professionals in their 50’s to early 70’s felt put off by the feeling they got from big name audiologists - as if the need for their services meant that they were 'getting old', 'past it', and needed to be cared for.

We saw this as a prime opportunity to carve out a niche in the market, knowing that Red Hearing would have to be careful with how they approached this demographic. Rather than focusing on the idea of ‘caring for’ older clients, we flipped the script and placed the focus on their clients' improved strength and independence, creating the message that Red Hearing is there to empower them, not wrap them in cotton wool.

Large banner showing Dr Majid Sayani with the red hearing logomark behind him
The Red Hearing brand book laid on a table, surrounded by forms, letters and other prints designed by Wadsworth Branding

The design

We took inspiration from glasses, which were once a sign of getting old, but through the right marketing they’ve become accepted —even ‘cool’, and a sign of wisdom.

We wanted to give this treatment to hearing aids and hearing care. We made the ‘red’ in ‘Red Hearing’ a bold colour statement — almost as it would be on a sports car. The colour red is used confidently and widely across the brand, complemented by a soft, dark grey / black tone, and very little else. The typography is clean, modern and makes an impact.

We made sure to use images of older clients who were successful, well-dressed, and at the top of their game. The audiologists are friendly, capable and confident. The images of clients are in full colour and, where appropriate, the images of the audiologists are in black-and-white. This gives the subtle message of "it’s not about us - it’s about you. We’re focused on getting it right for you."

The brand voice is razor-sharp, laid-back at times, and uses respectful yet empowering messaging such as “take back control of your hearing”. We wanted to make it clear that the clients were in the driving seat, and Red Hearing were simply there to make their journey smoother.

Majid Sayani conducting a hearing test with a client
Various business-card-sized prints designed by Wadsworth Branding for Red Hearing
Red Hearing brand guidelines, designed by Wadsworth Branding

"Their experience and positive outlook will have you at ease from the get go. I honestly cannot praise Wadsworth Branding highly enough! They not only designed my brand but gave it a voice, direction and made it come alive! Marcus has incredible vision, a collaborative approach and a keen eye for detail. He will take the time to really understand your industry and keep the project on track."

Majid Sayani, founder of Red Hearing
Majid Sayani
Red Hearing, London, UK

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