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nimonths+, Australia / Hong Kong
Brand Strategy and Brand Identity Design

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A large outdoor banner displaying the nimonths+ logoBrand strategist conducting market research over video call
nimonths+ logo, designed by Wadsworth Branding

The challenge

When Alfred reached out to us from Hong Kong, we were thrilled to be part of him and his team’s mission.

They were dedicating themselves to help pregnant women, mothers, children, and the planet all at once. Their collective vision for the brand was to create effective, truly natural, and organic products that prioritised sustainability, climate-positive practices, and minimised harm and waste in a transparent way.

Despite Alfred’s current position in Hong Kong, the nimonths+ team were mostly spread across Australia, where the heart of the brand's ingredients and production resided. Our collaboration focused on marketing clarity and creative direction for this company with products that already had so much passion and love poured into the formulations.

Alfred and his team had completed the testing phase of their products, and were ready to give the brand a face, communicating their trustworthiness to their target audience. Having become parents themselves, they knew first-hand the importance of creating super-safe, organic products that mums-to-be can depend on throughout their journey.

Brand designer creating a logo and branding elements on grid paper

Together, we found a distinct brand position:

Grow together, organically.

The strategy

Our market research revealed that nimonths+ would especially attract people who live a busy, healthy lifestyle and value natural, organic approaches.

We managed to gather a lovely group of people within this demographic, and drew out how they were incredibly conscious of limiting their exposure to unwelcome pollutants and ingredients, and were always seeking reliable ways to prioritise their health and wellbeing during pregnancy and beyond.

To draw in this audience, it was incredibly important to put out a reassuring and realistic tone, highlighting the time-saving versatility of the product ranges. Trust was key to the nimonths+ brand, and they had certainly put their money where their mouth is!

The brand was uncompromising in its values, with a climate-positive and sustainable ethos. They supported and partnered with relevant projects and groups who were activists for real, long-term impact and change for a climate-positive future. Their meticulous approach and research into what was and wasn’t safe for mums and babies meant that new mums could have complete confidence in their products at a time in their lives where they needed support and dependability the most.

A pregnant woman uses cream to create the shape of the nimonths+ logo on her belly
An advertisment for nimonths+ in a shopping mall

The design

The team at nimonths+ had already built such a strong foundation of trust, that communicating this through their brand was a pure joy for us.

We created a brand that is firmly "by parents, for parents", with a supportive and welcoming focus on the everyday safety of mothers, babies, pregnant women, and the future of the planet. The design needed to reflect their organic and sustainable ethos, while remaining realistic and balanced, avoiding an ethereal, dreamy, or overly ‘perfect’ look that puts so much pressure on mothers who are often already struggling.

The soft, green-heavy colour palette, loose typefaces, splashes of paint, and minimalistic designs gave customers a sense of the organic and sustainable ethos of nimonths+. Grid-based layouts, minimalism, openness, warmth, and refreshing designs all reflected the brand's simple, nature-first values. Marketing uses a voice and personality that makes use of short, engaging statements alongside brand-appropriate imagery to capture attention and instantly connect with the issues faced by their audience.

Two bottles of natural skincare products, with nimonths+ branding on them
nimonths+ Instagram page, showing posts designed by Wadsworth Branding
Full brand guidelines for nimonths+, designed by Wadsworth Branding

"Love it!  Thank you  for your patience —  we are all so in tune now! It really helps as sometimes it is easy to get into a bit of tunnel vision in these discussions. Much appreciated and look forward to continue working with you."

Kyma Cain
nimonths+, Australia / Hong Kong

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