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Insight Copywriting, Sheffield, UK
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Beautiful hessian material with Insight Copywriting branding printed on itAnna Herber, founder of Insight Copywriting, in a meeting with clients
Insight Copywriting logomark

Getting to the heart of the issue

Anna Herber was ready to take her services to the next level.

She had built a successful copywriting business under her own name, working with influential companies and clients, and making fantastic connections along the way. However, she was ready to start working on her dream of a larger-scale, more established company (under a new name), and begin drawing in the kind of purpose-driven clients that would truly sync with her goals and perspectives on the world.

That’s when she got in touch with us, and Insight Copywriting started coming to life.

Brand designer creating a logo using grids, the golden ratio, and other measurements

Together, we found a distinct brand position:

Giving voice to your vision.

The strategy

Through our brand strategy sessions, we discovered that Anna's mission was for Insight Copywriting to be part of a driving force for real change in the world.

Rather than being a writing service for just ‘anyone’, Insight wanted to work with purpose-led organisations and individuals who were making a positive impact on the world. These individuals were often hidden in the corporate sector, but they had a strategic and imaginative vision for the future and a deep desire for real change.

We focused our research and strategy on finding and communicating directly with these purpose-led organisations (which included charities, cause-dedicated organisations, and companies with a mission to improve the world in a positive way). By aligning Anna's brand with these values, we were able to connect her with her ideal clients and help her achieve her goals.

Insight Copywriting branded business card, laid next to a cup of coffee, designed by Wadsworth Branding
A washing line with polaroids showing moments from the Wadsworth brand strategy meeting with Anna Herber

The design

To bring out the love and beauty of the written word, we used real paper texture, a handwritten font, and hand-drawn graphics.

This injected a personal touch while evoking nostalgia and emphasising human connection. We drew inspiration from the ocean and nature, incorporating real plant images and a colour palette that reinforces the natural, earth-centric heart of the brand.

We balanced these natural elements with clean, modern typefaces and structured, grid-based layouts to ensure the brand would not feel out of place in a corporate setting. This allowed Insight Copywriting to appeal to their purpose-driven audience while still being able to operate effectively within a more formal business environment.

Someone holding an iPhone showing a social media post by Insight Copywriting
Anna Herber, the founder of Insight Copywriting, with branding elements in the background
Brand guidelines for Insight Copywriting, created by Wadsworth Branding

"The best designers I've ever worked with PERIOD. And as a copywriter, I've worked with a few!

Marcus' empathic communication, highly developed design skills, and truly exquisite eye combine to make Wadsworth Branding one of the best routes I can think of to get a quality, timeless brand designed. Along with his partner Ashley, you just feel completely helped and reassured in the entire process of building a brand. Blown away!"

Anna Herber
Insight Copywriting, Sheffield, UK

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