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The way home

Fowler & Powell, Leeds, UK
Brand Strategy, Brand Identity & Website

Selling without the stress

Man holding a Fowler and Powell booklet called "Five biggest mistakes people make when selling their home"Fowler and Powell office sign on the high street of Chapel Allerton in Leeds
Fowler and Powell's deer head logo (with a house symbol hidden in the antlers)

Getting to the heart of the issue

In Levi and Julien's own words:

"When we started the business, it was all about just starting the business. We were super zoned-in on making sure we get the best results for clients. So, as a result of that, we were very unfocused on the brand.

After the first three years, we started to really realise that the brand doesn't look and sound like us, you know? Our understanding of branding was zero to none before this process, and letting the reins go was probably the main anxiety.

But when we were interviewing different people, it was such an easy decision for us to choose Wadsworth Branding — it showed us that Marcus himself is always going to be specific and to the very point to make sure everything is 100%"

Wadsworth Branding designing the Fowler and Powell logo

Together, we found a distinct brand position:

"Right at home again."

The strategy

During our brand strategy sessions and market research, we showed that Fowler & Powell had a heavily 'corporate' identity that hindered their ability to connect with clients.

In an industry plagued by empty promises, trust was hard to come by. But Levi and Julien were the real deal. We focused on creating a sense of safety and warmth in every aspect of their brand—visuals, voice, and overall tone.

Together, we identified areas where their messaging didn't align with their authentic selves and found opportunities to be overtly warm, personal, and welcoming (something practically non-existent in the local industry). Taking calculated risks, we helped them bridge the gap and communicate their true personality, capturing the essence of who they are as a company. The result? A brand that radiates authenticity and forges genuine connections in a market hungry for trust and care.

The front cover of Fowler and Powell's 2023 Welcome Pack, designed by Wadsworth Branding
Various images from the Fowler and Powell launch party

The design

As a team, our mission was to create an inviting atmosphere and move away from the generic ‘selling houses’ narrative into a true sense of ‘feeling at home again’.

Through photography, genuine moments of the team working and chatting were captured, avoiding stiff poses. We wanted to replace confrontational feelings with an open invitation for clients to join the fun. Some of the images we created for the brand creatively blend ideal clients with their dream properties, emphasising how Fowler and Powell understand what an important, personal and life-changing event finding a new home can be.

We threw out the old blue and white corporate tones and designed a rich palette of greens, premium rose gold, natural textures, and fingerprint patterns to symbolise their deeply personal approach. The distinctive deer logo was created for its local cultural connotations and standout presence, and it has already become a recognisable landmark on the Chapel Allerton high street, (and if you look closely, can you see a hidden house nestled within the deer's antlers?)

With a clear strategy around their audience and industry, warm, engaging communications, candid photography, and thoughtful visual elements, Fowler and Powell now authentically reflect their dedication to exceptional service and continue to connect with more and more of their ideal clients.

We joined them in February for a launch party at their office, where people from all over the local community came for a drink, a chat, and to celebrate a wonderful new direction for this reputable, well-loved local business, Fowler and Powell.

Fowler and Powell's website, designed by Wadsworth Branding, shown on desktop and mobile, as a pug sits in the background
Blendedw images, created by Wadsworth Branding, for the Fowler and Powell brand
Levi Fowler and Julien Powell at a cafe with a potential client
The Fowler and Powell brand book, designed by Wadsworth Branding

"The most exciting part was the very first deep dive. Marcus and Ashley have a knack of being able to really find out about who you are as a person, and as a business owner. It gives you so much clarity on what you stand for and how you should look and feel across the board.

For anybody who's thinking about going through the same process now — they're a bit lost in terms of their own company and their branding — it is 100% worth the investment. They will get clarity on how they should sound, how they should look, and how they should feel for every single client that walks through the door."

A testimonial image for Levi and Julien
Julien Powell & Levi Fowler
Fowler & Powell, Leeds, UK

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