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FjordFlow, Portsmouth, UK
Brand Strategy and Brand Identity

Explore bravely. Hydrate safely.

A man holding an iPhone displaying the product page of the FjordFlow website, designed by Wadsworth BrandingBrand strategist and client looking at the product they're working on during a brand strategy meeting
FjordFlow logo, created by Wadsworth Branding

Getting to the heart of the issue

When Kieran and his two adventure-loving business partners approached us, we knew we were in for a treat.

Their passion for outdoor living and exploring new horizons had led them to create an innovative water filtration solution for anyone who uses a ‘moving home away from home’ (premium motorhomes, camper vans, boats etc). But as engineers, they recognized they needed help giving their brainchild some personality and direction before bringing it to the masses. We were stoked to welcome them all the way from Portsmouth to our office and get to work bringing their brand to life!

A large piece of grid paper with FjordFlow logos and branding elements drawn on, surrounded by rulers and pencils

Together, we found a distinct brand position:

Why compromise?

The strategy

The core motivation behind the brand is the idea that just because you're on the move, that doesn't mean you have to sacrifice quality water.

Through our market research, we discovered that their target audience cares more about proper reliability and functionality than just the price tag. These adventure-seekers are practical and savvy, looking for convenient and dependable solutions for living off the grid. They won't be fooled by flashy marketing tactics; they want real, trustworthy products.

So we knew we needed to create a brand that not only provided a welcoming space while they compare offerings, but one that also delivers on the trust and dependability they seek. From the visual identity to the marketing voice (and even the product casing itself), every element needed to convey that sense of simple, well-designed reliability.

Three posters with interesting taglines written for FjordFlow by Wadsworth Branding
A few printed designs for FjordFlow, displayed on a marble platform with a leaf laid on top

The design

“Picture this: if David Attenborough owned a high-end outdoor store, how would he talk about his products and communicate with his customers?”

That's the ‘character filter’ we used to initially create the unique brand voice and atmosphere — calm, confident, and mentor-like, with a sprinkle of fun wordplay, such as "Clean water on demand wherever you explore the land" and "By your side when things get rough" to describe the stability for overlanding. With this tone in mind, we brainstormed a few potential brand names and ultimately landed on "FjordFlow," inspired by the crisp and natural waters of Scandinavia.

This inspiration continued into the brand's visual identity, which we then designed to be clear and minimal, featuring sans-serif typography and the occasional use of geometric graphics. Soft, muted colours and plenty of breathing room in layouts gives FjordFlow a serene and calming feel. We opted for imagery over long-form copy and aimed for conversational, welcoming dialogue that reflects the same love and expertise for off-grid living that FjordFlow's customers possess.

Ultimately, the FjordFlow team were left with the tools they needed to continue creating under their newfound identity — all while providing tips, resources, and a sense of community for those who share their passion for off-grid living. We were thrilled to be a part of their journey and can't wait to see what they achieve next.

A man outside an RV, holding an iPhone displaying the reorder page of the FjordFlow app
A beautiful Scandinavian lake with FjordFlow brand patterns blended into the sky
FjordFlow brand guidelines book, designed by Wadsworth Branding

"Marcus and Ashley were great to work with. Communication was excellent from start to finish and we really felt we were in safe hands throughout the brand design process. Thanks guys!"

Kieran McMonagle
FjordFlow, Plymouth, UK

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