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Fisterra Co, Brighton, UK
Brand Strategy, Brand Identity, Videography and Website

No more hollow training days

Fisterra website displayed on a phoneFisterra training session with a group of managers
Fisterra Logo, designed by Wadsworth Branding

Getting to the heart of the issue

Coming from a rich background of corporate training, Jennifer had an epiphany one day.

The boring PowerPoints and halfhearted role-plays offered by traditional training services were doing very little to change the toxic environments present in many large corporations. 

She understood that the beating heart of an organisation is its leadership, and changing leadership takes a whole different approach — one that gets to the crux of who they are as people, and what motivates them.

Having gone on to build her company to the point where she had a trusted team around her, and they were dealing with international mega-corporations, it was time for another equally exciting epiphany — that in order to continue helping these industries to the best of her ability, she needed to sit down with us and find a way to communicate her own brand and values first.

Brand designer creating a logo on grid paper

Together, we found a distinct brand position:

from within.

The strategy

Jennifer's work aimed to combat the damaging aspects of modern corporate attitudes.

However, it was important to create a brand that would be taken seriously by corporate bodies while also representing the inner self, mindfulness, and examining attitudes in an existential way. The challenge was to avoid being misunderstood as 'bohemian', 'fanciful', or just another carriage on the 'mindfulness train'.

To position Jennifer and her team as experts in their field, it was important to highlight their track record of creating real, lasting changes to the way companies grow and behave worldwide. At the same time, we had to balance this with the anti-corporate, pro-nurture aspects of their work, which are more reflective, abstract — and really an expression of Jennifer's own personality underneath it all.

Envelopes and cards with Fisterra branding
Fisterra app landing page design displayed on a phone

The design

How can a leadership training company that challenges traditional corporate attitudes appeal to a traditionally corporate audience?

We tackled this challenge with a balanced approach, carefully considering every element — from the colour palette to the web copy. The result was a blend of corporate familiarity with striking, intriguing, and dreamy elements that made it clear that the Fisterra team's training worked on a deeper, more personal and effective level than what they might have experienced before.

Man in a cafe, watching a Fisterra management training session on his laptop
Welcome package with custom branding for Fisterra, designed by Wadsworth Branding
Brand guidelines designed by Wadsworth Branding for Fisterra

"Cut through the confusion and created a brand identity and beautiful website that looks slick and professional whilst keeping the essence and personality. So easy and fun to work with, the process is smooth and enjoyable. Cannot recommend enough!"

Jennifer Tarjanyi
Fisterra Co, Brighton, UK

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