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Atlas Technologies, Queensland, Australia
Brand Strategy and Brand Identity

edges, not corners

A server room with Atlas branding printed on the side of the casingThe Atlas technologies team wearing uniform
Atlas Technologies logo, designed by Wadsworth Branding

Bringing two worlds together

Thanks to the wonders of Zoom,

James and Paul teamed up with us all the way from Australia to unleash their tech expertise and create the now well-respected company that is Atlas Technologies. James brought his industrial tech expertise to the table, while Paul brought his mastery of IT and software. Together, they form a dream team that serves as a trusted partner to large Australian industries, providing comprehensive and expansive tech solutions that streamline their workflows and operations. Meanwhile, their in-house team is busy away — always exploring new technologies and innovations to keep their clients ahead of the curve.

Two brand designers working together on computers, trying out different logo concepts

Together, we found a distinct brand position:

Your industrial revolution.

The strategy

We quickly realised that decision-makers for large Australian corporations have a very particular preference when it comes to look and language.

Straying too far from the norm can be viewed as risky, despite any data backing up the service. Fortunately, our research also showed that most competitors still relied on outdated, clinical communication and faux-futuristic imagery to establish authority. Add to this that while they may seem solid on the surface, their reputation for disorganisation and unreliability often precedes them. Digging deeper revealed that what truly drives these decision-makers to be so risk-averse is that they simply cannot afford time-wasters, and all they want is a warm, dependable partner who can lighten their load and alleviate stress.

Two business cards and a project file with Atlas Technologies branding
A van with full branded livery, designed by Wadsworth Branding
Two printed brand patterns, custom designed for Atlas Technologies

The design

To draw on James’ and Paul’s strengths, we discussed the need for highly organised systems and record-keeping.

We communicated this visually with friendly, chunky graphics to represent how everything flows together under the care of Atlas. We used vibrant blue and turquoise colours tempered by warm yellow to stand out without appearing risky. And finally, we emphasised human-focused photography to showcase the practical benefits of the technology that Atlas offer — creating a grounded and convincing feel that positively contrasted with the generic stock images (think 90's screensavers) often used by competitors.

Women talking with Atlas Technologies, looking at forms and information pamphlets designed by Wadsworth Branding
An office green wall, with the Atlas Technologies logo lit up among the leaves
Branded forms, leaflets and a brand book designed for Atlas Technologies, laid across a desk, surrounded by tools

“Marcus was able to bring our brand to life — through his guidance we were able to express our company's vision and aspirations. Working with them was a rewarding experience as they were able to quickly grasp new concepts and ideas, collate them together, and provide the brand that has formed the basis of our company.”

James Mifsud
Atlas Technologies, Queensland, Australia

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