A curiosity-led, big-picture design agency in Leeds. Excellent branding and solid strategy is a must to compete in today’s market - but perhaps you don’t have that kind of 'big agency' budget. That’s where we’d love to help!

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Meet our Creative Director and brand strategist Marcus Wadsworth - a keen head for strategy and a passion for truly great design combines with many years of experience using powerful, visual communication as a sign language interpreter.

Supported by Ashley Wadsworth - with her sharp eye at the critical stages of a project - and a trusted, tried-and-tested, simply exceptional network of Creative Partners - we’re a design agency with winning ideas and the tools to bring them to life.

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Equal Parts Family Business & Global Agency

After years of collaborating with clients all over the world, leading teams, and receiving training from some of the biggest names in the design industry, we get passionate owners of start-ups and growing businesses energised and up and running with Brand Strategy, Brand Identity design and Marketing.

We prioritise connection and empathy with clients. Once we’re on board, we’re invested. We want to see you own your gap in the market, tell your story, and get your customers to fall in love with your hard work.

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We’re Here, No Matter Where You Are

Although the heart and soul of this brand agency is in Leeds, the Wadsworth Branding team has something of a global presence. We’ve worked remotely to deliver world-class assets for wonderful growing businesses all over the world from London to Germany, all over the USA and Australia. (Oh, and Wigan.)

We’re all about kitting out small businesses with the slick, strategic branding they need to scale - new, original, innovative, and refined enough to stand the test of time. We then lend our talents for web development, video production, social media marketing (and any other digital skills in our toolbox) to bring your brand to life.

If you'd like to know the team a little more - and enquire about getting our design firepower in your corner - get in touch below:

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